What is Rise Up: Goddess Group?    

Are you craving inspiration, support and connection with others on the same path toward living the life of your dreams? The kind of life that feels magical, exciting, and deeply fulfilling?

This is a new kind of network in Toronto– a community of women supporting, encouraging and elevating one another to live their highest potential. 

These potent two-hour long sessions are like a nourishing top-up for your soul around the special time of the full moon.  Each session will begin with a guided meditation followed by a dive into the month’s topic with an interactive workshop where I will share my personal tools and techniques to help you break through challenges and stay motivated.  From there, we’ll break out into groups of three to coach and collaborate with one another about our goals. 

I’ll share practical exercises and wisdom designed to help you loosen the tendency to control an outcome, attach to the past or the future, and instead open up to the magic that can only unfold by being firmly rooted in the present and following your intuition. 

You’ll walk away from Goddess Group feeling uplifted and inspired – ready to take on not only the month ahead, but the whole world. (Because as Beyonce so aptly put it - “who run the world?”).

If deep connection, divine feminine energy and sacred soul expansion sound like your jam, I look forward to you joining our community..

 What is a Goddess?

Not sure you’re a goddess? Well, you ARE – and it’s my mission to create the space to help women remember, deep in their core, how powerful, beautiful and magical they really are. 

A goddess is a woman who unapologetically stands in her power, loves boldly and unconditionally, forgives herself and others swiftly, allows herself the grace and space to fall apart when needed, and exhibits the resilience to continually get back up to keep pursuing her desires, knowing her faith in the journey is what allows the dreams she has for her life to unfold in ways that are beyond her wildest expectations.